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Thinking outside the box with CHG-MERIDIAN. Rigid structures, off-the-peg solutions, and no plan B: That's not the CHG-MERIDIAN way. The following sections will show you how worthwhile it can be to think outside the box.

Outside the box

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CHG-MERIDIAN Launches in the ANZ region

CHG-MERIDIAN has officially launched a local entity in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region, reflecting another important milestone in the implementation of our international growth strategy. With an exciting set of capabilities and a mission for strong growth, the leaders of the business have a strategy to achieve their mission.

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Rolling out the digital workplace

How to plan a successful IT rollout for your digital workplace

Smartphones and laptops have already become the norm at home. Yet many people find themselves stuck in an analog world at work, despite the fact that setting up a digital workplace is not that difficult with a little preparation and planning.

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IT procurement according to the Amazon principle

How a self-service portal can revolutionise your procurement process

Companies’ complicated and time-consuming order processes can make it feel like an eternity until employees receive their workplace IT equipment. This not only tries the patience of employees in all departments involved, but also causes them stress. After all, these days we are used to fast and user-friendly e-commerce portals such as Amazon. Companies can also deploy and benefit from this type of self-service portal.

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From idea to reality

The digital workplace at CHG-MERIDIAN

The digital workplace is an integral element of any digitalisation strategy. The new working model provides a boost for businesses, who benefit from greater productivity and employee satisfaction, optimised business processes, cost savings, and a competitive advantage in the battle for talent.

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Digitalisation in Healthcare

How to achieve digitalisation in the healthcare sector

Exhausted budgets, significant investment pressures: How can the digital transformation of healthcare become a reality despite hospitals’ ongoing financial constraints? We examine the options.

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Digital Workplace

Workplace as a service: Is it time to consider leasing instead of buying?

Computing power, platforms, and software can already be acquired as a service, so why not complete workplace IT? Discover the benefits that workplace as a service (WaaS) can have for your company.

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Digital Workplace

Reap the benefits of digital workplace innovations for your business

We define the digital workplace as a holistic system that adds significant value in all areas of your company that work with IT.

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Digital Workplace

3 Tips on how to calculate total costs

It is almost impossible to calculate the overall costs of IT for a single workplace using conventional procurement and usage models. The latest digital workplace concepts can provide transparency.

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Digital Workplace

Escape the TCO trap

If you are planning a new IT infrastructure, the first question you will ask yourself, as the CFO, is whether the investment will pay off.

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Digital Workplace

6 steps to the digital workplace

We will show you how the right strategy can increase your efficiency and make the Digital Workplace the core of your digitisation strategy.

Efficient fleets

Optimising fleets through lifecycle management

Read on to find out how a lifecycle concept can improve transparency, particularly in fleet management.

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cars being built on a manufacturing line

Managing growth and costs efficiently: pay-per-part and pay-by-the-hour

An illustrative calculation from the automotive industry for pay-per-use models

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Intelligent financing concepts pave the way for more innovation

We will show you how to implement innovative projects cost-effectively.

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Long-term thinking, quick savings

Lifecycle Management for greater cost effectiveness

This is what gives you the reassurance that your investment will really pay off over the course of a project.

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