Jun 27, 2017 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN closes security gap in printer systems with new erasure process

• Certified: Data erasure process for printer systems successfully passes TÜV acceptance test in Gross-Gerau
• Transparent: Asset tracking at any time with TESMA®
• Automated: High level of process reliability with eraSURE® and eraSURE®+

New erasure process

CHG-MERIDIAN is leading the market with a new, unique data erasure process – the company is the first to offer a data erasure process for printer systems, certified by the TÜV product standards regulator, that is independent of manufacturer and model. The acceptance test carried out by TÜV NORD was passed with flying colors at the Technology and Service Center in Gross-Gerau, Germany. The advances in data erasure that our product offers will now be available to all customers with integrated output solutions.

At a time when data protection is of increasing importance it is hard to believe that some owners of printers, copiers, and multifunction printers are not looking after their data properly. Often they are unaware that modern devices have built-in storage media that collect thousands of pieces of data. This is an oversight that can have severe consequences, as the data saved on old assets might reach the secondary market. This is a particular issue where there is a legal duty to keep data confidential, for example for attorneys, tax advisors, or doctors.

To protect sensitive company data, CHG-MERIDIAN offers a TÜV-certified data erasure process for printer systems, copiers, and multifunction printers that is independent of manufacturer and model – a first on the market. At our Technology and Service Center in Gross-Gerau the integrated storage media are reliably erased, and the assets reset to factory defaults before being remarketed.

With more than 15 years’ experience at our Technology and Service Center and over 500,000 assets processed per year, CHG-MERIDIAN are your ideal partner for asset collection, data erasure, refurbishment, and remarketing of IT equipment.

Data security is a priority

“As responsible experts in efficient technology management, the security of our customers’ data has top priority,” explains Oliver Schorer, Member of the Board of Management responsible for IT and Services. Exactly what this means for CHG-MERIDIAN can be observed in the Technology and Service Centers in Gross-Gerau and Skien in Norway, where seamless data security underpins every process. Data security needs to be viewed not in isolation but as part of an overall process – and this is reflected in the consultancy approach at CHG-MERIDIAN, a non-captive specialist based in Weingarten. “In our mind, data security starts with choosing the equipment and classifying the security levels,” adds Tobias Wiktorowski, Produkt Manager responsible for eraSURE® at CHG-MERIDIAN. But the biggest challenge is right at the end of the IT lifecycle, when it comes to completely and permanently erasing data on old IT equipment. Our Technology and Service Centers provide the perfect solutions for a wide range of asset types, from computers to mobile devices. And since April 2017 also for printer systems, copiers, and multifunction printers – available only in Gross-Gerau. A guided tour is the perfect way to appreciate our processes and to see for yourself how used IT equipment is thoroughly refurbished or erased step by step.

Professional disposal of assets in accordance with the WEEE standard

A holistic view is important not just when it comes to data security, but also for the end-of-life process for output solutions. That is why CHG-MERIDIAN offers a comprehensive service package at the end of the period of use. Asset rollback managed by CHG-MERIDIAN not only frees up our customers’ storage space, but they can also rest assured that our commitment to green IT means we recycle assets in accordance with the WEEE standard. Whether refurbishment or disposal, CHG-MERIDIAN customers can track all processes at any time and from end to end using TESMA®. They can see at a glance which assets have been collected, recycled, or erased.

Individual protection for all requirements

The thoroughness of the data erasure or destruction process depends on the customer’s individual security requirements. There are two specially developed, automated erasure processes that provide high levels of process reliability: eraSURE® addresses everyday protection requirements (DEKRA-certified and US DoD-compliant). eraSURE®+ is the choice for a high level of protection (TÜV-certified and BSI-compliant). This data erasure process starts with the collection of the assets. The eraSURE®+ process includes sealed transport during rollback, monitored by GPS, secure transport of IT hardware in shock-proof containers and trucks with air suspension, and erasure in secure areas with biometric access controls by staff who have undergone background checks.

Only certified erasure can provide the peace of mind needed when reselling IT equipment on the secondary market. By continually refining its data erasure and refurbishment processes, CHG-MERIDIAN can now offer TÜV-certified data erasure for printer systems, copiers, and multifunction printers – fully automated and compliant, cost efficient, and with a full audit trail.

You can find photos and further information on the Technology and Service Center and the new data erasure process for printer systems at:


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