Feb 28, 2017 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN: New Stuttgart site set to enhance sales activities

Customer proximity: New Stuttgart site will pave the way for improved customer service. Economic strength: CHG-MERIDIAN sees further potential for growth in Baden-Württemberg

CHG-MERIDIAN, an international specialist in technology management and financing based in Weingarten, Germany, is set to continue its growth in 2017. With the opening of its new site in Stuttgart on March 1, 2017, the company has laid the foundations for even stronger sales activities and enhanced customer service in the southern Germany region. "Our new site is a reflection of how important the region around the state capital of Baden-Württemberg and its strong economy are to us," said Frank Kottmann, the member of the Board of Management of CHG-MERIDIAN responsible for global sales.

Considerable market potential in the region

The Stuttgart region offers a diverse mix of public-sector institutions and companies from virtually all industries and of all sizes – providing considerable market potential for innovative technology management such as that offered by CHG-MERIDIAN. "We will increasingly be aiming for close proximity to these target groups, to allow us to offer them the highest level of quality in terms of consultancy and service," Kottmann added.

CHG-MERIDIAN already provides non-captive support to numerous small and medium-sized enterprises in Baden-Württemberg, as well as large corporations, for the management and financing of technology investments, covering everything from IT workstations and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, to industrial technologies like forklift trucks and production lines. The company has also increased its sales focus on medical technologies which require intelligent investment and customized business concepts, similar to those in IT.

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New boost for sales activities in Baden-Württemberg

The investment in a new Stuttgart site is part of a number of sales-related developments initiated recently. In addition to the establishment of new sites in Germany, changes are currently also being made to the structure of CHG-MERIDIAN's sales organization. Since the start of the year, the company has also been bringing together all of its sales activities under the remit of one Board of Management member, to enable it to better utilize its sales potential.

The new CHG-MERIDIAN branch is located in the Stuttgart Engineering Park (STEP), in the district of Vaihingen. In close proximity to the university and the Fraunhofer Institute, the business park offers premises and service concepts suitable for innovative businesses.


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