Self-service procurement

Motivate your employees, reduce the burden on your IT team, and save money

Working from home or remotely presents a challenge to IT departments, not least because it requires large-scale procurement and administration of new mobile devices. There is a solution that allows you to cost-optimise processes and provide high-performance equipment while keeping your employees motivated.

There is still room for greater efficiency in the procurement and lifecycle management of employees’ electronic devices. These tasks have developed into a bottleneck for IT departments and often also create a lot of work for HR and finance departments.

Self-service makes processes leaner

In order to work efficiently, even away from the office, employees need devices that are tailored to their specific needs, and that means customised solutions. What sounds like additional costs and work can actually be achieved efficiently and cost-effectively: The TESMA® portal from CHG-MERIDIAN is a digital platform that allows companies to take routine tasks off their IT department’s hands at no additional cost. At the same time, employee satisfaction can be increased and the entire area of procurement and administration made simpler, more efficient, and more transparent.

This is how the self-service portal works

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Order process

An employee can order the most suitable device for their digital workplace from a predefined catalog. The order process is as simple and user-friendly as online shopping and includes fast processing and delivery to their chosen address.


Upgrades to higher-spec devices can be ordered for a personal surcharge, making them cost-neutral for the company. The surcharge can easily be deducted from the employee’s salary. The device can also be made available for personal use, which increases employee motivation and satisfaction.

Approval process

The approval process is automated, and no manual intervention is needed to replace a device. A replacement is quickly provided in the event of a defect or loss, and a named contact is on hand to answer any questions or respond to service requests.

TESMA® Portal

The TESMA® Portal gives employees a full overview of their IT devices, while IT and other departments can also see all technical and commercial data at the click of a button.

Remote working requires flexible IT strategies

Working from home or remotely has become completely normal. Forward-looking companies can benefit from this new flexible workplace culture, as long as they manage to optimally design the processes and working conditions that many employees are still getting used to. This calls for flexible IT strategies: digitalisation, getting employees involved, and providing a good user experience are all crucial. The TESMA® Portal can make an important contribution, as it provides simple, fast, and straightforward processes covering all areas of digital workplace management.

It is also a key selling point in the battle for talent. Workplaces featuring the latest equipment, flexible working time models, and the active involvement of employees in deciding which technologies they work with make a company stand out from the multitude of attractive employers. The option to upgrade to higher-spec devices is particularly attractive to highly qualified and motivated employees, and has a positive impact on employer branding.

The TESMA® Portal’s key advantage is that it offers companies all this in a cost-neutral and straightforward package. Another benefit is that it takes routine tasks out of the hands of the IT department, leaving it free to focus on the challenges of the digital transformation.

TESMA® PORTAL: Simple mobile working

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