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At CHG-MERIDIAN, we believe in end-to-end sustainability, efficient technology management with the highest level of information security, fair competition, and respectful dialogue with stakeholders.


Sustainability has been at the core of our business for more than 40 years. We offer equipment leasing with subsequent refurbishment in line with the principles of the resource-efficient circular economy. Sustainability is an ongoing process for us and we are continually expanding our commitment in this area. In this context, we understand sustainability as the intersection of the three dimensions of economy, ecology and society. A holistic view of all three sustainability dimensions is essential for CHG-MERIDIAN to operate successfully in the long term.


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The voice of green business

Looking at the bigger picture is a tradition at CHG-MERIDIAN that dates back over 40 years. Its memberships of various organizations and associations also encourage networking and the sharing of information. We are always looking to expand these activities. After signing up to the Diversity Charter and the UN Global Compact in 2021, we have recently joined more than 500 companies in becoming a member of the Federal Association of Green Business (BNW).

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Interview: D21 Managing Director Lena-Sophie Müller

D21 Digital Index asks about digitalization and sustainability for the first time

In addition to the level of digitalization in the population, the latest D21 Digital Index now also explores the relationship between sustainability and digitalization. In doing so, it focuses on an area at the core of CHG-MERIDIAN’s business since its very earliest beginnings: the implementation of sustainable digital and technology projects.

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by Ulrich Bergmann, CFO of CHG-MERIDIAN

Sustainable Finance

Investors and society as a whole benefit from sustainable investment models. Green bonds and ESG-linked loans can help the economy to find answers to climate change. In this booming multi-trillion market, our many decades’ experience of working with a sustainable business model gives us a competitive edge. Our success shows that sustainability is not an ideology that requires people to go without. Instead, it is an opportunity for growth.

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CHG-MERIDIAN updates code of conduct

Our code of conduct describes the key elements of the corporate culture at CHG-MERIDIAN. We have once again expanded its contents to take into account society’s growing expectations, while also refining the value system set out in the code.

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Interview: ISO 14001-certified environmental management

Environmental management professionalized in line with international standard

In this interview, the people behind CHG-MERIDIAN’s ISO 14001-certified environmental management tell us more about its ambitious goals.

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Headquarter CHG-MERIDIAN
Dec 9, 2021 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN and Helaba close first ESG-linked syndicated loan in the amount of €50 million

• CHG-MERIDIAN will receive €50 million under an ESG-linked syndicated loan from a group of savings banks, arranged by Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen...

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Corporate & Sustainability Report 2021

Corporate Factsheet 2021

Sustainability Factsheet 2021


Since 2021 CHG-MERIDIAN has been operating carbon-neutrally. To achieve this, we avoid, reduce, or offset all CO₂ emissions generated in the course of our business activities. CHG-MERIDIAN considers corporate emissions to not just include the usual scope 1 and scope 2 emissions because it also feels responsible for any scope 3 emissions that it can influence.

All non-avoidable emissions are offset through selected climate change mitigation projects. We will carry on the measures introduced in recent years to reduce the CHG-MERIDIAN Group’s carbon footprint and will continue to refine them.

Our commitment to sustainability is underlined by our support of well-known initiatives, such as the UN Global Compact. Since 2021, the CHG-MERIDIAN Group has been committed to the corporate responsibility initiative and its 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Further Initiatives and memberships

Besides our memberships in several initiatives, CHG-MERIDIAN also has its sustainability activities evaluated annually by EcoVadis. In 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN was awarded silver status by EcoVadis putting the group in the top 25 percent of all companies assessed.


Sustainability Office

Sustainability Office


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Strategy & Governance

To promote sustainability throughout our company and embed it effectively, we created a sustainability governance structure in 2020 that includes a Group Sustainability Office. Additionally, we developed and approved a sustainability strategy.

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Circular Economy & Climate Protection

In terms of lifecycle thinking, CHG-MERIDIAN relies on refurbishment and reuse to extend product lifecycles. We consider ourselves part of the circular economy, helping to conserve resources and mitigate climate change through our business model.

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Collaboration & Dialogue

Our corporate culture is characterized by transparency, reliability, and respectful collaboration. This applies equally to our working relationship with our employees and to our dealings with suppliers and other partners along the value chain.

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