At CHG-MERIDIAN, we believe in end-to-end sustainability, efficient technology management with the highest level of information security, fair competition, and respectful dialog with stakeholders.

Our belief in sustainability

Sustainability has been at the core of our business for more than 40 years. We offer equipment leasing with subsequent refurbishment in line with the principles of the resource-efficient circular economy. Sustainability is an ongoing process for us and we are continually expanding our commitment in this area. In this context, we understand sustainability as the intersection of the three dimensions of economy, ecology and society. A holistic view of all three sustainability dimensions is essential for CHG-MERIDIAN to operate successfully in the long term.


Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2020 - CHG-MERIDIAN

Sustainability Factsheet 2020

Sustainability Factsheet 2020 - CHG-MERIDIAN

Corporate Report 2020

Corporate Report 2020 - CHG-MERIDIAN

Corporate Factsheet 2020

Corporate Factsheet 2020 - CHG-MERIDIAN


CHG-MERIDIAN has set itself the target of becoming carbon-neutral across the business from 2021. To achieve this, we hope to avoid, reduce, or offset all CO₂ emissions generated in the course of our business activities. CHG-MERIDIAN considers corporate emissions to not just include the usual scope 1 and scope 2 emissions because it also feels responsible for any scope 3 emissions that it can influence.

All non-avoidable emissions are offset through selected climate change mitigation projects. We will carry on the measures introduced in recent years to reduce the CHG-MERIDIAN Group’s carbon footprint and will continue to refine them.

CHG-MERIDIAN - carbon neutral company

Strategy & Governance

To promote sustainability throughout our company and embed it effectively, we created a sustainable governance report in 2020 that includes the role of Group Sustainability Officer (GSO). Additionally we developed and approved a sustainability strategy.

The sustainability strategy is based on the goals of our corporate strategy and contains key company-specific action areas. From these we derive our sustainability targets and corresponding operational measures. The sustainability strategy is reviewed annually and adapted to our stakeholders' requirements.

CHG-MERIDIAN Group Sustainability Board


“The sustainability governance structure we implemented in 2020 helps us to coordinate strategic, Group-wide sustainability measures. In this context, it is important to take the specific requirements in each market and country into account.”
Matthias Steybe, Group Sustainability Officer at CHG-MERIDIAN
Matthias Steybe - Group Sustainability Officer bei CHG-MERIDIAN

Initiatives and memberships

We underline our commitment with memberships in several initiatives. CHG-MERIDIAN also has its sustainability activities evaluated annually by EcoVadis.

CHG-MERDIAN Mitgliedschaften & Initiativen
Since 2021, the CHG-MERIDIAN Group has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Circular Economy & Climate Protection

In terms of lifecycle thinking, CHG-MERIDIAN relies on refurbishment and reuse to extend product lifecycles. We consider ourselves part of the circular economy, helping to conserve resources and mitigate climate change through our business model.

Responsible procurement

Needs-based asset procurement; CHG-MERDIAN code of conduct for all business partners to ensure compliance with environmental and social standards

Eco-friendly distribution

Delivery of asset to the customer; shipment in returnable packaging

Customer phase

Customer use phase, duration of use varies

Secure data erasure

Sensitive company data is completely erased using a certified procedure after asset has been collected (eraSURE®)


Asset is checked and professionally refurbished; asset is only recycled if it cannot be repaired or the customer's level of security requires it


Asset is made available on the secondary market via sales partners


Reuse of asset extends its lifespan


Asset's carbon emissions are offset through-out the lifecycle, from manufacture and use to remarketing


Alongside avoiding and reducing CO₂ emissions through a holistic lifecycle approach, offsetting is an important step that allows companies to operate in a more sustainable manner and to make a positive contribution toward climate change mitigation. That is why we are enabling companies to lease their IT assets in a carbon-neutral way through carbonZER0. This involves fully offsetting the CO₂ emissions generated during the production, transportation, use and end-of-life phase of leased IT assets. Payments for offsetting CO₂ are made via direct investments in certified and internationally recognized climate change mitigation projects – requiring no additional time or effort from customers.

Great work & shared value

Whether in financing, purchasing, recycling, or social initiatives as an active part of society, CHG-MERIDIAN is also successful thanks to a strong network of diverse partnerships. High standards, transparency, trusting collaboration, and mutual respect form the basis of our relationships with our partners. This enables us to offer our customers efficient and sustainable solutions and, as technology managers, to drive forward issues such as education and digitization in society.


Promote employees & drive diversity

Our skilled, knowledgeable, and committed employees are our most valuable capital, and it is important to us that they are able to develop at, and contribute to, CHG-MERIDIAN. Mutual appreciation, reliability, responsibility, and transparency form the basis of our actions and our thinking. As a company, we are also committed to a diverse and fair working culture and support a wide range of initiatives for greater diversity and equal opportunities. For example, CHG-MERIDIAN signed the Diversity Charter in 2021 and its employees launched an international Women's Circle.

CHG-MERIDIAN Gute Arbeit & Partnerschaft

30 %

We aim to increase the proportion of women in management positions across the Group by 2025

99 %

of the employees enjoy working at CHG-MERIDIAN



employees work for us around the world

A strong network and community engagement

Whether in financing, purchasing, recycling, or social initiatives as an active part of society, CHG-MERIDIAN is also successful thanks to a strong network of diverse partnerships.

CARE Initiative

The CARE (CHG-MERIDIAN ATTENDS TO ITS REGIONAL ENVIRONMENT) initiative has enabled us to create a platform on which our employees can help to shape the details of our corporate citizenship. They contribute specific suggestions connected with their region and put them into practice as a team. For its part, the company contributes grants and resources. In this way, we share the success of our company with disadvantaged people.

CARE activity in Mexico

Local Sponsorship

We support education providers as well as arts and community-based initiatives. Another priority area is sport, where characteristics such as team spirit, endurance, commitment, and fairness reflect our mission statement. We have been the main sponsor of the Ravensburg Towerstars ice hockey team since the 2003/4 season and with our financial backing it is routinely the top team in the second tier of the league.

Dr. Mathias Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Management at CHG-MERIDIAN

"Corporate social responsibility is firmly established in our corporate culture. Our CARE initiative ensures that our employees’ good ideas and community work have the intended impact."


Sustainability Office

Sustainability Office


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News & Media

CHG-MERIDIAN's transparent and open communication culture is also reflected in our PR and media activities. Our media relations work is compliant with the communication code of the German PR Council (DRPR).

News & Media 
Apr 8, 2021 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN joins the United Nations Global Compact

The international technology manager makes a clear commitment to responsible corporate governance. In March 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN signed the United Nations Global Compact and thus underlines its long-term commitment to sustainability.

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Expertise and transparency across the board

Our technology centres in Germany and Norway have been your partner for asset collection, data erasure, refurbishment, and remarketing for over 20 years.

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