Corporate owned, personally enabled

Customised business concepts for the workplace of the future

CHG-MERIDIAN helps you to make efficiency gains for the workplace of the future without having a conflict between planned budgets and requested technology.

Customers expect companies and their products and services to be available at any time. Employees want to fulfil this expectation – and they also want to live a digital lifestyle themselves. The lines between work and personal life are becoming blurred, and employees are increasingly using their work devices outside of work, too.

This brings together two spheres of life that need to be unified digitally, and this is where our customised business concept COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) comes into play. It allows employees to select their own device and order it online, irrespective of the asset class. Because our complete lifecycle concept ensures that all data is protected, personal use is not a problem. Companies can thus create a climate of innovation while remaining competitive.


As Christian Brakensiek, Regional Manager Sales South at CHG-MERIDIAN

“COPE allows companies to resolve the conflict between planned budgets and requested technology.”

COPE and Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Here’s how this might work with our Enterprise Mobility Solution:

If the employee requires a new device, they can request it via a self-service portal. Any necessary approval processes and user administration can be added as required, providing managers with complete transparency throughout the process. The inhouse IT team doesn't even need to get involved. We can easily offer this as a managed service within the company's existing systems landscape.

IT departments decide which hardware models, services and apps they wish to offer, while employees also have a say in which models and apps they get for their next-generation workspace. Employees can even opt to pay a supplement to upgrade to a more expensive model, giving them freedom of choice without stretching the company’s IT budget.

To be able to offer this freedom, the contract and the device are kept separate, leaving businesses free to choose their own selection of devices and tailor-made tariffs, and resulting in lower costs and greater convenience. Any mobile device can be combined with any tariff available on the market – and the tariff is adjusted to suit users' requirements. If these change, then the tariff can simply be adapted, without having to cancel the contract or return the device.

Thanks to our mobile device management solution, business data and personal data is kept entirely separate and secure. The fully managed lifecycle includes certified data erasure at our Technology and Service Center during the end-of-life phase. Companies can thus enable their employees to participate in the digital revolution while increasing their competitiveness and attractiveness as an employer.

Find out more about our lifecycle model and services:

The benefits of COPE at a glance

  • Greater attractiveness as an employer
  • Promotes digital skills among the workforce
  • Legitimizes personal use of devices
  • Protects company data
  • Simplifies (procurement) processes and allows for their customization
  • Employees can choose their own devices
  • Support throughout the lifecycle despite personal use
  • Budget-neutral for your IT department

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