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Achieve a sustainable digital workplace with CHG-MERIDIAN

As companies return back to the workplace, IT leaders need to re-think how to manage their technology lifecycle in a hybrid working environment. IT teams are challenged with the costs and complexity of managing a dispersed fleet of devices. Budgets are tight, and the employee experience is a crucial consideration.
There is a simple way to address these challenges. Read on to learn how.

Create a sustainable Digital Workplace

For Customers

As you adjust to doing business in a changing world, you know employee experience must be a central focus. Connecting your people with mobile technology and collaboration tools that support them to perform in different settings and environments is a must to drive productivity in the hybrid workplace. However, your organisation has had to spend money fast to get everyone set up for remote working and you don’t have funds spare to go back and fix purchasing mistakes.

Remote working isn't going away.  Nearly three-quarters of organisations are planning to move at least five per cent of their previously on-site workforce to permanently remote positions. Others have announced they don't have plans on returning to the office at all.

How does your digital workplace need to adapt to meet the needs of your employees, yet still meet your objectives for collaboration, productivity and employee engagement?

Employees are looking for the flexibility and autonomy to work their way, in the locations that suit them and they want to do it on devices they choose.

Employees also want to work for responsible brands. All groups, but especially Generation Z, place a high priority on environmental sustainability, and if today’s leaders fail to understand and engage with this they will edge towards irrelevancy. 

Take a look at our lifecycle solutions that will help you build a secure and sustainable digital workplace. 

For Partners

Your customers are challenging you to provide innovative solutions to address their challenges when it comes to workplace technology. You are the technology expert, and have a great solution, but competition is tough. You need something that will give you a competitive advantage.  


Self-service procurement

Does your workplace technology enable you to attract and retain talent, and support a remote workforce? Find out how you can achieve a bespoke digital workplace that drives engagement and empowers employees to be productive.

In-Life security and management

Employees and investors are holding companies to account. How can you embed sustainable practices into your IT operations?
Read our eBook to learn about how you can improve your end of use strategy.

360 Lifecycle Services

Kirk Downey, our Head of IT, ANZ speaks about the importance of having Optimised IT Operations

carbon neutral leasing

As-a-service and consumption-based models are an attractive option when budgets are squeezed. Read this eBook to learn how you can unlock capital now and improve your long term ability to pivot and change in an uncertain economy.


How can you design the digital workplace of the future while saving money?

The modern digital workplace is a hybrid of remote and in-office working.
How can you design the workplace of the future that engages your employees and enables collaboration through the use of the latest technologies, all while saving money?

Join us for our upcoming panel discussion to hear about how you can design the workplace of the future. Hear from three industry experts representing Amicus, Data#3 and CHG-MERIDIAN.  Event registrations are now open.

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We would love to hear about your individual requirements and help you identify cost savings and efficiencies in your IT operations. 

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Our self-service procurement portal is an innovation in procurement automation and management. Read about why TESMA Portal can help you drive increased employee engagement, simplify your IT operations and reduce your costs.