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Find, retain, and motivate employees. Improve their digital skills. Empower your employer branding. CHG-MERIDIAN has created a tool that can meet all of these requirements: Employer Benefit Solutions, a benefit program for all of your employees.

CHG-MERIDIAN's Employer Benefit Solutions allow you to establish a cost-neutral benefit program with tax advantages. Employees can order high-quality communication devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and accessories, via an online portal. Entirely for personal use.​


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CHG-MERIDIAN's Employer Benefit Program is a powerful marketing tool in the battle for the most talented employees. It will ensure that your workforce is more satisfied and motivated, and will provide a boost to your employer branding.

Straightforward and cost-neutral

The Employer Benefit Solutions are a full-service package. We support you through every project phase, from initial concept, device selection, and design to rollout, return, and data erasure. If you have any tax-related queries regarding salary deductions or social security, your contact will be happy to help whether your question is strategic or operational.

The high level of automation and the comprehensive support ensure there is minimal administrative effort on your part. On average, only eight hours every year need to be spent on administration. To ensure that your benefit program is a real success with your workforce, we can provide a marketing toolkit featuring a range of ideas and templates for promoting the program internally.

And best of all, the program is cost-neutral for your company.


  • Automation of processes, including procurement, rollout, and exchange of defective devices.
  • Online ordering portal featuring your corporate design.
  • Comprehensive support, including hotline and help desk.
  • Marketing and communications package for internal promotional activities.



• Lasting contribution to employer branding.
• Minimal resources needed to implement and manage the program.


• No IT integration necessary.
• No support required, as the hotline and help desk are included in the package.


• Minimal administration required.
• One-off entry of the salary deductions.


• No integration necessary  fully automatic procurement and rollout process.


There are probably few things that generate as much enthusiasm across the workforce – irrespective of age, education, or gender – as having access to the latest IT equipment for private use. Especially when it can be acquired on very favorable terms.

Premium smartphones, 2-in-1 laptops or all-in-one systems, ultrabooks, tablets, and selected accessories – all for personal use. Your online ordering portal makes these devices available to your employees, and you specify the quantity and type that can be ordered. Twice a year, your employees have the opportunity to order their preferred devices, which they pay for via a deduction from their salary as part of the monthly payroll. The program is not a taxable benefit and can save employees up to 52 percent.

"Thanks to my company's benefit program, I can order the latest IT equipment for my family and me at sensational prices, such as a new PC for my daughter. We love it!"
Kerstin Gast, Employee CHG-MERIDIAN


Digital skills are becoming increasingly important, not just in everyday life but also at work, where using the latest IT contributes to greater efficiency. This underlines how important it is to enable employees to develop their digital skills, and Employer Benefit Solutions can help to achieve this. Your employees have access to the best available technology thanks to the latest IT equipment procured at an affordable cost. They become more comfortable using technology and their digital expertise increases – and all in their own time.

Employer benefit solutions in a nutshell. Listen now!

  • What is the Employee-PC-Program and how does it work?
  • Why is the federal government's initiative still unknown for 15 years?
  • Why are the expenses and efforts to employers so low?
  • Is the initiative approved for homeschooling in addition to home office?
  • What are key differences from other benefit programs?



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Conventional incentives often only address a small circle of employees, so why not reach out and inspire them all? Talk to us about your options.

David von Thienen

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