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A comprehensive package for your devices

It is a familiar issue at many companies – each employee wants a different model of mobile device. And these devices need to be safely integrated into the company network, and managing and billing for them should be as easy as possible. A service provider from Weingarten in southern Germany bundles all the necessary steps together and takes care of technology management efficiently and intelligently.

As useful as smartphones might be, they can also mean a lot of additional work for businesses. The standard interdependency between device, SIM card and/or the provider, in particular, often makes equipping employees for mobile working a lot more complicated than it needs to be. As a non-captive service provider, CHG-MERIDIAN focuses on technology management for mobility solutions in businesses. Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS) promise that employees can choose their own device, meaning maximum flexibility with comprehensive service over the entire lifetime of the asset. Irrespective of the size of the company, from medium-sized business to listed corporation.

With CHG-MERIDIAN’s offering, the device and the contract are separate. And because businesses are free to choose between devices and can select tailor-made tariffs, they enjoy lower costs and greater convenience. Any mobile device can be combined with any tariff available on the market – and the tariff is adjusted to suit users’ requirements. If these change, then the tariff can simply be adapted, without having to cancel the contract or return the device.

EMS is the equivalent to CHG-MERIDIAN’s tried-and-tested Managed Desktop Solutions (MDS) for IT workplaces, PCs, laptops, and convertible devices. The company has been developing customized financing and business concepts for its customers since 1979. This business model is familiar from car leasing, but it is even more flexible in this context. Employees can choose their preferred smartphone or tablet from an EMS shop, i.e. the device that suits them best. And employees can also use it as their personal device.


CHG-MERIDIAN is thereby emphasizing the incentive aspect. A new or expensive smartphone can also be a reward (Employer Benefit Solutions). If a company has already purchased devices, CHG-MERIDIAN will buy these devices at the list price, if required, and integrate them into the lease (sale and lease back). Which is good for the company’s balance sheet and liquidity. It is not unusual these days for individual mobility service elements to be managed by more than one employee – from the HR and IT departments to sales and customer services. This wastes time, costs money, and can lead to coordination issues. CHG-MERIDIAN provides all services from a single source, and its proprietary TESMA® technology and service management software provides transparent and cost-center-specific billing. Costs are available in real time at the click of button over the entire lifecycle of the assets – transparent and clearly documented. Should a device be damaged or stolen, the technology service provider deals with this as part of its Mobile Care service. It provides a worldwide replacement and repair service that enables assets to be exchanged quickly.


CHG-MERIDIAN takes security very seriously. Protected apps – that, if the customer prefers, can only be obtained from a company portal (Enterprise App Store) – ensure the security of data stored on the devices. At the end of their lifecycle, assets are taken to the CHG-MERIDIAN Technology and Service Center in sealed vehicles with GPS tracking. There they undergo the TÜV-certified, BSI and DoD-compliant eraSURE® process to erase any data stored. Other providers might offer individual EMS services, but only CHG-MERIDIAN combines all services, from roll-out to roll-back, and offers a single point of contact. Its comprehensive service is included in the monthly lease payment. This way, small devices remain important for business, but no longer require a great deal of administrative effort, or at least no more than is absolutely necessary. Mobility at its best.


Enjoy all the benefits of mobile working. We will be pleased to help you to enjoy tomorrow’s way of working today.

Thorsten Staudenmaier-Föhr

Solution Manager

Hubert Glomm

Technical Sales