Dec 11, 2018 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN and Ravensburg Towerstars extend long-term partnership

• CHG-MERIDIAN remains main sponsor
• Ice rink to be renamed ‘CHG Arena’
• Sport sponsoring remains essential beacon for the region

CHG-MERIDIAN, a specialist in non-captive technology management and financing, will remain the main sponsor of the Ravensburg Towerstars. The continuation of the partnership was announced in a joint statement from the Ravensburg Towerstars and the company during a sponsors’ event. In addition, CHG-MERIDIAN will for the first time exercise its right to name the Ravensburg ice rink, so from next year the Towerstars’ home venue is going to be known as the ‘CHG Arena’.

“We are looking forward to continuing our long-term collaboration with the Ravensburg Towerstars in future. Team spirit, energy and passion are virtues that also play an important role within our company. That makes for an excellent fit,” said Frank Kottmann, Member of the CHG-MERIDIAN Board of Management, on Monday night.

Rainer Schan, executive director of the Ravensburg Towerstars, also described the partnership as exceptional. “CHG-MERIDIAN and the Towerstars have been a strong team for many years. It is this relationship which has made it possible for us to play the level of ice hockey that we do, with its significance for the entire Lake Constance-Upper Swabia region.”

The ice rink will receive its new branding at the start of 2019. In addition to illuminated letters at the southern entrance to the building, there will also be further branding in the stairways, on the eastern and western facade of the building, and in the interior of the hall.

Continued partnership serves as a beacon for the region

The contract extension and the renaming of the Ravensburg ice rink to ‘CHG Arena’, combined with the club’s current sporting success, serve as a beacon for the region. “Top-class sport doesn’t just require successful athletes and clubs, but most of all it needs fans who can identify with the clubs. That’s what creates real added value and makes a region more attractive. As employers, we in turn benefit from that increased attractiveness,” explains Kottmann.

But to guarantee sustained sporting success, the economic conditions must also be right. “We are glad to have a partner like CHG-MERIDIAN at our side, who enables us to work towards our medium-term goal DEL,” said Rainer Schan.


  • 12-2018 CHG-MERIDIAN and Ravensburg Towerstars extend long-term partnership

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  • 12-2018 CHG-MERIDIAN and Ravensburg Towerstars extend long-term partnership

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