Apr 8, 2020 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN: Immediate aid to support the community in the region in the wake of the Corona crisis

• Donation of EUR 200,000 to the Bürgerstiftung Kreis Ravensburg
• Dr. Wagner: We need a strong community for cohesion in society
• Support for non-profit associations, especially in the field of art and culture, and for organisations providing social assistance in the region. Particular attention is also paid to supporting disadvantaged children and young people

CHG-MERIDIAN, the technology manager and financial expert, is providing important short-term emergency civic aid in the wake of the corona crisis in the region where the company has been based for more than 40 years: Bürgerstiftung Kreis Ravensburg will receive a donation of EUR 200,000, which is intended to benefit charitable institutions in the district that have been particularly hard hit by the crisis. Companies from the region are called upon to join the initiative to preserve and strengthen the diverse civil society.

"For the cohesion in society we need a strong community that must survive now. The task now is to limit damage quickly and unbureaucratically and to help ensure that important non-profit organizations in the region remain capable of acting and that initiatives in the field of art and culture can survive," said Dr. Mathias Wagner, CEO of the CHG-MERIDIAN Group.

As a trustworthy partner and platform for a wide range of social activities in the district, Bürgerstiftung Kreis Ravensburg has for years been promoting and pooling charitable initiatives and projects in line with its motto "by citizens for citizens". Particularly in these times of crisis, CHG-MERIDIAN intends to join forces with this civic foundation and with the support of other companies in the region to fulfil this responsibility.

The initiators of the immediate aid campaign - CHG-MERIDIAN and Bürgerstiftung Kreis Ravensburg - are hoping for further corporate support. Companies from the region are called upon to participate in the "Immediate help for civil society" initiative. Bürgerstiftung Kreis Ravensburg will henceforth be pooling the measures that are intended to provide targeted assistance to the relevant organizations quickly and unbureaucratically.

The immediate aid is to be given primarily to non-profit associations and initiatives from the arts and cultural sector in the region whose existence is directly threatened by the effects of the Corona crisis and whose disappearance would represent a loss for a large social target group. Together, the aim is to prevent the crisis from having a long-term negative impact on the quality and diversity of regional civic involvement.

Special help is also to be given to those organizations that provide their target groups with a specific, societal offer of help and thus support, advise and protect those in need who have become more vulnerable as a result of the crisis. Where government aid programmes are not effective or are not sufficient to meet current needs, the immediate financial aid is intended to make an important short-term contribution to bridging the emergency situation.

"We are delighted that CHG-MERIDIAN as a company is fulfilling its responsibility in such a time of crisis and is thus actively committed to the region as a social player," said Alexander Ivanovas, Chairman of the Board of Management of Bürgerstiftung Kreis Ravensburg. Especially in times of crisis, he said, it is particularly important to combine the strengths of different actors in the region in order to support lively civic involvement as an important pillar of society and to maintain and, if necessary, expand the numerous offers of assistance.


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