Our central aim is that we reduce your workload and support you and your company at every stage of the technology lifecycle. This is based on TESMA®, which brings together commercial and technical information in a fully integrated approach. Lifecycle management is now even easier with the TESMA® App for smartphones.


Technology management can be complex. That is why we developed TESMA®, an application that provides an intelligent interface between the commercial and technical spheres. A wide range of departments in your company can benefit from it. TESMA® provides a central database for all key business information and makes it available in real time. And that creates transparency.

Support for all phases

Whether printers, smartphones, laptops, or even forklift trucks, you need a complete and consistent solution to manage your equipment efficiently. TESMA® provides support for all phases of the product lifecycle at the click of button – and in real time. The software makes flexible administration, financial control, and accurate reporting possible for all technologies, and is a valuable decision-making tool for your daily technology management. TESMA® also improves process efficiency within organisations, which means savings on your overall process costs are a given.

Transparency in daily technology management

There is considerable optimisation potential in the management of technology investments, as a lack of efficiency and transparent processes can lead to increased expenditure that drives up overall costs.

Because TESMA® successfully brings together the commercial and technical spheres, our customers can rely on full transparency throughout the entire technology lifecycle – from advice and rollout to device collection and certified data erasure.

Ensuring the security of your data is not just our goal at the end of the IT lifecycle. We regularly carry out security tests on TESMA®. With a current rating of A+, TESMA® has the highest security rating for web servers.

Tracking assets with the TESMA® App

The advantages are obvious – the TESMA® App (Android and iOS) from CHG-MERIDIAN brings asset tracking directly to your smartphone. Using your smartphone's camera, or by combining it with a handheld scanner, you can capture the serial numbers of all assets and allocate them automatically. The App then transmits this data to TESMA®.

  • Save time and costs through efficient automated documenting of assets, their serial numbers, and other asset-specific information, including allocation to orders, to streamline warehouse receiving operations
  • Automatic status changes and fast updates of asset information, for example, when replacing assets in the workplace
  • Transparency when assessing processing times and service levels
  • Error-prone manual processes, such as typing serial numbers or checking off Excel lists, are no longer needed
  • Less time and money spent on managing assets
  • Integration with TESMA® for a transparent, real-time overview



For maximum financial and technological transparency.

Many questions, one answer: TESMA®

TESMA® provides decision-makers from a range of departments with answers to important questions regarding their technology landscape and individual assets. For example, TESMA® provides information regarding device configurations, usage patterns, and available budget. In day-to-day operation the software’s financial control reports make budget, consumption, and capacity planning easier.

At the end-of-life stage it generates information about the asset status, period of use, and the planned and completed removal. TESMA® also covers the entire data erasure process of IT devices that are processed in our Technology and Service Centers.

Support at all levels

TESMA® provides end-to-end transparency for your technology management, whether it is for procurement, financial control, accounting, or IT.

For the commercially focused decision-maker TESMA® offers a simple and uncomplicated method for transparent cost control, including cost allocation to individual cost centers. There is no extra effort or expense. IT decision-makers benefit from the comprehensive overviews in TESMA®. They can view their complete asset inventory and easily access the location and cost center, for example. They always know which assets have been ordered and delivered, which are still in the warehouse, and which have already been installed. TESMA® also makes procurement more transparent. The centralised ordering platform allows for hassle-free online ordering with customer-specific workflows and clear approval processes. Supplier shops can also be integrated easily. As soon as the assets are delivered, the serial numbers can be scanned, the assets documented, and the device status and asset information modified accordingly. Manual checking of lists is no longer required and the data is immediately available to other users.

TESMA® at a glance


User friendly, up to date, and easily linked up

Connectivity across the board – TESMA® shares stored data with your own systems and makes it available for further processing. A range of interfaces allow for easy integration of third-party systems, so whether you are exporting or importing, sharing data is simple and trouble-free.

We are continuously evolving TESMA® to make it even easier for you to manage your technology efficiently. The benefit for you is an application that is always up-to-date technologically and is highly user friendly.

The most important modules and interfaces at a glance

TESMA® provides the following functions to make technology management easier and more efficient for you.

No detail is too small

TESMA® is the solution for a variety of technology management challenges. The software provides support if you:

  • need to manage a lot of assets
  • do a lot of cost allocating
  • carry out a lot of financial control activities
  • have a diversified and complex organisation with a high number of national and/or international sites
  • want clearly laid out management and control of your technology portfolios
  • want to link your technological and financial data


TESMA® takes efficiency to a new level. The software provides the best example of how to organise technology easily and efficiently through the intelligent connection of commercial and technological data.

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We will be happy to explain the other benefits you can enjoy by using TESMA® to manage complex technologies.

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